Missouri Amphibious Tour Bus Company Order to Pay One Million in Penalties

There are numerous regulations for those who choose to take their work on the road. From semi’s and ice cream trucks to mobile health care facilities and more, it’s crucial that these rules are followed strictly. While we can often look at rules as cumbersome technicalities that just make life more difficult, an accident last year in Seattle reminds us just why these laws are in place.

Ride the Ducks International is a company based in Branson, Missouri, and they developed a duck boat that offered a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy. However, their duck boat suffered with a defect of the front axle, and the company neglected to report this to the proper authorities. The result was a deadly crash on September 24th of last year that sadly claimed the life of five college students. Even more were injured during the event.

Missouri Amphibious Tour Bus Company Order to Pay One Million in Penalties
Due to the severity of the issue and the fact that state lines were crossed, federal laws applied, and a consent order was recently issued which will require Ride the Ducks International to pay up to one million dollars in penalties.

When the company realized the defect existed, it should have recalled all product. However, it failed to act accordingly. The vehicle was unique in that it was able to run both on land and in water, and it was providing a regular tour on Seattle’s Aurora Bridge when the axle went out on the undivided road.

In 2013, a service bulletin pointed out to the company that there was a problem with the axle. The proper protocol that should have been followed by the company required them to report the defect claims, notify the NHTSA of the problem, and issue a recall to product consumers. The consent order details the full extent of the violations of Ride the Ducks International. This is an unfortunate example of just how important legalities of the road are for all to follow.

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